Friday, July 11, 2008

THIS JUST IN... GOKU IS WHITE | The New Dragon Ball Z Movie

Wtf Wtf Wtf Wtf Wtf.

I grew up watching Dragon Ball Z. Many people from my generation did. And many of these loyal fans were led to believe that the lead character, Goku, was of asian descent (or at least looked it, because technically he's an alien, but that's too complicated to explain). Anyways, according to the new live action DBZ movie, we were wrong. Apparently, Goku is white. And Justin Chatwin will portray his character. Now, somebody tell me why on earth can't this crew of asians (Director James Wong, Producer Stephen Chow) just say "fuck the money" and put in an asian as the lead role as it should be? Maybe they can sleep better at night if they do so. In my opinion this movie will lose money anyways seeing as though the lead actor is a white boy...and all the loyal asian fans that would have wanted to see this live action DBZ movie would now throw it aside while mumbling "pff" under the breath. Now, don't call me a hypocrite because I don't want a white guy playing an asian character, I'm just playing this fair. If the original manga casted Goku as a character of caucasian descent, then fine...just like I'm fine with all the other Hollywood movies filled with Caucasians as the lead roles. I'm just saying, some movies have already pushed the Asians into backup roles when they shouldn't have... and I'm sick of seeing it. Like, honestly, are people of races other than asians going to squint at the screen and refuse to pay money just because an asian is playing the lead role in a movie that is based on a Japanese manga? If so, they are racist, and if I ever have the opportunity of creating a movie, there's no way I'm catering to racists.


Bulrook said...

wow somebodies racist. Goku is not from earth he is a saiyan. He often appears to have darker skin all the way to almost solid white skin in many of his pictures. He could be played by any person who could match his spiky black hair and has a variant of white skin. I'm half japanese and half mexican well not exactly half and this was one of my favorite shows and i always considered him as a white... SAIYAN. as in a SAIYAN with white skin because he had white skin. that doesnt mean oh he's of European descent. Time for you to grow up and take that 2 foot pole out of your ass and enjoy the movie.

fuckyou said...

to the above shithead
goku has black hair.
where else do you see black hair besides ASIANS

Anonymous said...

If this was one of your favorite shows Bulrook, you would open your eyes and begin listening to the story behind Goku. He is given a Japanese name, he is created by Japanese people (who don't like white people very much so I doubt they would make their hero a white dude). The fact that he is a saiyan which is an anagram of the Japanese word yasai fails to cause anybody to think he could be anything other than Japanese. He wear Asian oriented clothing (don't try to deny this, no white person I've known wears Goku's type of clothing). Just because you're part Japanese doesn't mean you can't be ignorant towards this fact. Be true to yourself, quit siding with the white people in hollywood who is only out to screw your people (the Japanese and the Mexicans).

Anonymous said...

he's giving a japanese name cuz of the area he's raised in he's giving clothes cuz the area he's raised in. if goku landed in the US i doubt he'd have a japanese name or those clothes but heck he could always land near some japanese guys house and still end up with japanese clothes but does that make him asian... no lol:P and seems like almost no anime's have actual asian looking characters.

Anonymous said...

Well your post really didn't make much sense. Goku originally isn't from Dragonball either Akira based that character of an ancient Chinese Legend story called Journey to the West. Which was a man that looked like a Monkey, Goku should of been Asian (its the asian Superman) but if not, having a Black Goku would make more sense then White one because Black ppls back in the major Racist days used to be called Savage Monkeys. Just like the White Alien Freeza who likes to call the Saiyans Monkeys and try's to enslave then(Doesn't that sound familiar?). Also about the Super Strength, which Race dominates Sports right now? Yes the well hated Nigger race dominates Athletes (I am African also and dominating Sports myself =D). And the thing about the hair its to represent Gold like the power of the Sun.

But meh I don't care much everyone can have there opinion just wanted to share mine and lets not Forget at the End of Z with Uub (1st Niggro Z fighter) the strongest Human ever with the Power of Kid Buu which is more then Super Saiyan 3 =D, specially trained by Goku to be his Successor!!

2Saint *

p.s. I am not racist against any race (where all humans and family) but I do feel bad for the Natives American which are almost completely gone thanks to the British and the French. I live in Canada for 15years and I've only seen a native person 3times when this used to be there home...

YellowKid said...

asians made the show. sayians are asians and not white. end of story. (asians and blacks ftw)

goku is a fuckin asian name bulrook!!

AntiSpiral said...

Why Cant Goku be White?

A more than a few years back when FFVII first became the rage, I meet the white guy from Ohio, who was also a fan of the game series and we began to discuss how cool it would be to see FFVII on the big screen. And you guessed it, he named off some white actors that could play Cloud. I thought nothing of this, but at a pause I merely suggested that maybe a cool Japanese actor could play the role of Cloud. Wow, the initial look on this guys face, you thought I'd said I slept with his mother. "Cloud isn't Japanese", he chuckled. He pointed out that Clouds hair was blond and his skin was white. I was shocked, how the hell can someone play 80 hours of a game and not realize the obvious Asian influences. This guy had to be blind, or just stupid. I wanted to say, look at the back of the freaking box you idiot, this game is an import from Japan! Honestly how dense can a person be?

Well I never did convince this guy in the short time we meet that Manga artist have been using hair and skin color as devices in art for many years, it's not, as in American culture, there to define social class and privilege.

As some of you well know Square Soft has been moving away from the traditional manga art style to a more realistic depiction of their characters, thanks in large part the the big boost in technology. When Advent Children hit the big screen and Cloud was fully realized there was no doubt; his Asian features displayed proudly, I just wished I could see the look on that guys face as he realizes one of his favorite heroes was indeed, not white.

Back to the subject, The Great White Goku! I know why you think Guko is white, I really do, but I'm not going to tell ya. However, I think this quote may give you a better clue:

"I would love us to do something with Will Smith, but I don’t know that he’s Captain America. That would be a long shot. It would be a real leap to make Captain America black… then again, I don’t know. It might be a really smart thing. If Barack Obama becomes President who knows… suddenly a lot of our characters will be black!" - Stan Lee

Anonymous said...

If it really matters to you what race Goku is just so you can find a reason for you to feel better about yourself because your race isn't the same as someone elses, then you probably have a problem. But if you really want to get into this, well:

Not to sound racist, but there is no way Goku is asian if anything, considering his eyes are WIDE...and I know tons of white people with black hair. Also, about the clothing thing, ASIANS don't wear them on average, they wear clothes that look the same as everyone else!SURPRISE IGNORANT DUMBSHITS! NOT ALL ASIANS RUN AROUND IN KARATEGIS AND KIMONOS.

But seriously, Goku's race really doesn't matter unless your brain is the size of a walnut and you can't see anyone past their race. White people see goku as white, asians as asian, it's the same deal with jesus, some people say he was white, some say he was black, some say he was asian, when he was obviously middle eastern if he did exist.Quit worrying about the race of a character and grow some balls.

ge said...

HEY Superman is Alien, and he is white

hollywoody is racist like always.

Eli Johansen said...

Actually, if you look at Yajirobi, you'll see that they went out of their way to make him look Asian while all the other characters have huge eyes... Mr.Popo is probably supposed to be from somewhere in Africa as well... Let me think, oh yeah! When a saiyan gets super powerful they get green eyes and blonde hair, two traits that only happen in white people seeing as how EVERYONE else always has black hair and brown eyes.

Anonymous said...

to the guy who wrote the little short novel about how Cloud is asian.
you are an idiot
just because he was made by japanese people doesnt mean he is japanese
the guy has blond hair and blue eyes for christ sakes
he was obviously modeled after a white person, because white people have more diverse traits than asian people.
if everyone in final fantasy were asian, then everyone would be harder to tell apart.

Anonymous said...

There is a long history of racism towards asians in America. The real reason goku is white, is because white people hate to see an asian man as a hero who gets the girl. AsIan men are always the martial arts hero, or the goofy nerd, in Hollywood. When was the last time you saw a movie where an asian man plays a romantic role and actually gets a girl? In "Kung fu" the series, they had a white guy play a Chinese guy. I'm glad that actor killed himself in real life.